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things i learned at the photoshoot

Posted in DE stuff,my work by verbalcroquis on May 17, 2008

Things went smoothly enough, but these are just some notes to myself to keep in mind for my next shoot.

1. Buy all sorts of foot creams, insoles, pads, bandaids, etc for the model’s feet. Learn proper foot massage techniques.  (I felt really bad about how long my model had to stand in heels.)

2. Plan for about 2 more hours of lighting set up time than I did. (About 4 hours total.)

3. Buy healthier snacks.  We noshed all day and at some point I really needed some celery sticks.

4. Construct lazy-susan for model.  You know those round platforms often found on each table at Chinese restaurants?  All the dishes are placed on the platform and everyone eats family style, spinning the lazy-susan so you don’t have to pass heavy, hot platters across the table.  We really really wanted one for the model to stand on. There were so many times the model hit the absolute perfect pose but we really wished we could turn her just 2 degrees towards the light.  So we would try to nudge the model around and sometimes we’d sort of lose the effect. I am seriously considering commissioning one for my next shoot.

To read a post I wrote for F-I two years ago on producing a catalog/lookbook, click here.  I reread it and none of it is obsolete.


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  1. Down Pillow said,

    I had a like experience with model’s feet being less then model’ish. I also learned the art of ‘do you have any tat’s we should know about’ – pre shoot – but like the week before 🙂

  2. It wasn’t a matter of my model’s feet being ugly, I just thought pampering her feet during lunch would have been nice.

    Yeah, the tat thing is a good tip.

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