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Posted in DE stuff,events by verbalcroquis on June 3, 2008

***UPDATE***  I forwarded Genius Code Guy the comments you fabulously helpful readers left and he fixed something and now the website should load faster.  Thanks for your comments and I will be posting a real reply soon!

Um, almost.  There’s a little bit of tweaking left, but…

TA DA! Click here to visit! (insert cowbells, wolfwhistles, catcalling, screaming, etc.)

Tell me what you think!  I’d love to get some feedback from you guys on:

1.  Techy stuff like, the text is too dark, or there are funky characters (sometimes my umlauts read funny), or the pages take too damn long to load, etc.  If you’re having problems, can you also tell me what browser you’re using? (Internet Explorer on a PC, Safari on a Mac, etc.)

*note to self: stop saying “etc”.  you’re starting to sound like the king in The King and I.

2.  More importantly, tell me what you think of the designs!

*note to readers: this low-grade stomachache I’ve been having for the past few days may or may not be tied to publishing the website, but just in case it is, please be kind.  I mean, don’t lie, be honest, but instead of telling me that my butt looks huge in these jeans, could you just tell me I’ve looked better in different pants?

So, yeah, take a look around and spread the news! And the love! And now I need to go get some sleep! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……


13 Responses to 'website done!'

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  1. Danielle said,

    Love all that glamourous armour! The dresses are fantastic, audacious, bravo! Everything looks terrific on my firefox browser and my Mac monitor. It loads rather slow, especially the first page.

    The only thing that I wonder about is how all those black dresses would look against a white background with emphasis on the distinctive silouettes… but if I couldn’t send you towards the light in the biz card design stage I guess its way too late now eh? I love it all no matter what. I’m so pleased that you followed your instincts and showed a definite point of view.

  2. Kathleen said,

    This is smashing Zoe, just fabulous! And how brave too! Boy, I just know this is the start of all things great for you. I mean, it’s not the start, start, but it’s the start of the expression that people can relate to.

    Not so inner curmudgeon was pleased with the style numbers. She also loved fabrication for reducing sourcing issues, streamlining inventory and inputs.
    (it loads slow for me too)

  3. Dalila said,

    I love the styles, Zoe. Beautiful lines! Very glamorous but with a certain kick. Awesome!
    My techy comments: umlauts are fine on old version of EI; slow to load; two styles (11005 and 11008) initially gave me xs instead of photos but when I clicked back again, the photos appeared; [for the future] I do find black harder to see on clothing that I look at on the internet, it’s just harder to see the styles, and I dislike seeing the wiring and plug in the background (on the wall).
    I do like to know what fabric clothes are made of, but of course, that’s not necessary to include, just a personal interest.
    The photos are really beautiful and the clothing looks great on the model! And the website is nice and clear.
    Great work, Zoe! Congratulations!

  4. Dalila said,

    sorry about that face – it was supposed to be eight) up there!

  5. Wendy said,

    Wonderful Zoe!! On Vista + IE it loaded quickly for me with no problems (and the umlauts were lovely). And the dresses!!! So very, very well done! (I am particularly smitten with 11008.)

    And your credits & bio are charmingly put together.

    Here’s hoping your stomach starts behaving.

  6. Timbo said,

    Congrats. I see that some of the links aren’t finished.

    Not really a clothing designs kind of guy…but I do like Jenn so, well, I can’t really think of anything productive to add at this time.

  7. Congratulations!
    I quietly read the Fashion Incubator blog and I must say you did a great job!
    I like the styles too! I wish you success with the press and lots of sales!


  8. Colleen said,

    Congratulations Zoe!

    Website looks great; all images loaded quickly on Internet Explorer on my PC. I am a Marion the Librarian type, so consider this when you read my comments:

    I, too, would like the fabric identified: fiber and care instruction.

    When shopping on-line, I love sites that offer technical, flat sketches of the styles. It’s important for me to know where the seams are (I’m reminded of this every time I wear an on-line purchase that has a seam going across the center of my bust line. I couldn’t see the seaming on the photo)!

    Also, an indication of sizes offered (alpha or numeric?).

    I enjoy your writing and agree completely about creating cost sheets. One of my favorite buyers has a crystal ball on her desk!

    All the best,


  9. Miriam said,

    Your umlauts look great using Firefox :). I like the layout for the collection – viewing several angles all at once and being able to scroll down to select from the collection rather than using the return button. It loaded quickly enough for me.
    Your collection blew me away. I’ve been a periodic reader of your blog because of your design sensibilities. Wishing you all the best!

  10. RachelMM said,

    Simply beautiful! Your designs are beautifully unique and definitely eye-catchers! Your model and photographer did a wonderful job and your model looks gorgeous in all of your looks.

    The only thing that was a slight distraction was maybe all the darkness in the photos. I loved the basement setting in general, but because all the garments were dark and the room was dark, I felt like some of your amazing detail was lost in the photos and I wanted to see it.

    Your photo layout is amazing and everything loaded very quickly for me.
    Great job!

    Best to you–

  11. Alisa Benay said,

    Congrats! The site loaded great for me in Firefox. Pictures loaded quickly, but we have some sort of super fast connection in the house with my husbands business.

    Be sure to keep in mind how you will expand with each new collection. Will the subsequent collections be drop down sup-categories to click to open or will they all show up at once the way the current line does? My web designer had me put all my buttons on the left so that we could expand down without changing the website layout. I actually like the top/across like yours better, but went with the left column in the end.

    About the pictures: they really come across very professional & carry your theme all the way through. I also like seeing them all at once & not having to go back and forth, nice touch. The only two things that bugged me was the outlet and the darkness not giving all the design details. I’ve noticed, though, at least in the wedding mags & websites that I’ve been researching, that the shadow-y pictures are being used quite a bit across the board.

    I don’t know about adding flats or fiber content b/c your customer (which I assume is boutiques?) would have that information in front of them on the paper you give them from the trade show, correct?

    I would change the “coming soon” on your stockist page to “please inquire for wholesale opportunities”. “Coming Soon” makes me think you actually have stockists but haven’t gotten around to listing them yet. “Inquire for..” makes me think you’re open for business & ready to take my order. Does that make sense?

    Great work all around!

  12. Christy B. said,

    Beautiful! I love the look of the site, the text, the ease of navigation. The styling of the photos is great and feels in tune with the look of the site to me. As a consumer, if I saw one of your garments in a store and went to your site for further investigation, it would definitely feed my desire for one of your dresses. I love them all!

  13. Absolutely stunning! Wishing you loads of success!

    With friendship,

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