verbal croquis

not a lot to say

Posted in personal by verbalcroquis on August 13, 2008

There are things in the works that I can’t really detail right now. Why? Because no one wants to read a post that long. Because I try not to count my chickens before they hatch.  However, I can report that I’m hopeful and excited and feeling better about my work than I have in a long time. (Special thanks to A!)

On another pleasant note, a couple of weeks ago, a fashion student emailed me, asking to interview me for a school project. I agreed, which I often do. Yesterday I received a very nice thank you card from her in the (snail) mail.  Combined with her approach, her manner during our lunch and her followup, she just jumped to the top of my list of people who have asked to be my intern.  This is the kind of person I want to speak on behalf of my company.  I only mention this because people are always asking me for tips on how to get hired/promoted/started/etc.

Thanks for all your well wishes–I am definitely feeling much better these days. The migraines stopped and then I got a headcold, which is in its last stages. I love being sick! It’s so sexy! Oy.


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