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Posted in random notes by verbalcroquis on September 12, 2008

Welcome to the first, hot off the presses issue of “random notes”.

-So, I hear there is a brand new small volume vertically integrated factory opening up right here in Oakland! And spitting distance from my digs! *raises one eyebrow* I have pinged appropriate parties for more info so you will get it as I do!

-NYFW. Nothing I’ve seen so far has wowed me. Yes, I’m definitely a designer who can appreciate other people’s work. Just haven’t seen anything this season yet.  How ’bout you?

-I’ve been doing a lot of just plain hard thinking the past couple of weeks. Starting tonight, I’m gonna start some doing.


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  1. Lyz said,

    The factory in Oakland – is that Made In Oakland? Trying to get more info on it, but there is just a homepage.

  2. Jen said,

    The French fashion show had some interesting designs. Louis V. For instance.

  3. Noah L said,

    i believe its an outpost of the evans group, they are a great organization to deal with

  4. Lyz said,

    Noah – I just met with Evans Group yesterday – they are fab!

  5. kd said,

    i love this random notes…i blog too about yoga=yoganista on, my notes from church service =notes from the pew also on

    anyway this vertical operation in oakland is there a website?

    does anyone know any fashion resources in michigan? designers, patternmakers, factories?

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