verbal croquis

Why Goal Setting Can Lead To Disaster

Posted in links by verbalcroquis on February 19, 2009

Check out this Forbes article. It’s all about disastrous results of goals set for goal-setting’s sake. An excerpt:

“… goal setting had negative and sometimes disastrous consequences for a company. Indeed, executives and business experts in those cases frequently failed to realize the prominent role that overly ambitious targets played in causing the eventual problem. One famous case … is the storied 2002 collapse of the energy-trading giant Enron. They cite literature noting that the once high-flying Houston-based firm used goals and an incentive system for its salesmen that was based solely on the volume of revenue that they generated–and not whether the actual trades were sound or profitable–which became a key factor in Enron’s implosion.”


Ok, so it’s not exactly 2 snaps in a circle in defense of my no-plan plan, but you get the general idea. Recession = reminder to not always stick to the same old same old. Now is a really great time to analyze what you’re doing and why you’re doing them, what’s going wrong, and become more self-aware of your attributes and shortcomings. Anyway, something to chew on.


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