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Posted in my work by verbalcroquis on February 20, 2009

north to south:

1. rack of clothes, all in various stages of deconstruction and experimentation, from clothing exchanges and thrift stores.

2. wall of sketches. loose and fast, not very detailed, with some scribbles. it’s the next  collection, coming together like clouds.

3. drawing horse w/ drawing pad and brand new soft pastels. happiness, thy name is new art supplies.

4. bills and papers to read. index cards strewn across the drafting table, each with a new idea to ponder. other ideas on post-its stuck to the bottom of my computer screen like so much dribbling food off a baby’s chin.

5. bin of things I should take upstairs to the bathroom, like nail polish and the new toothbrush from the dentist.

6. camera. the big fancy one. it’s there for a good reason, I just know it.

7. jar of nuts. operation: snack more healthfully.

8, research materials for next collection.

9. new filing system! 98% done!  just need to add a few thing. see item 4.

10. bin of clothes that are victims of item 1 gone awry.

11. pattern for a wedding dress for my model, along w/ corkboard of notes. 

12. wall of sketches, big ones, of the next collection, with more details and even more scribbled notes, coming together a bit more concretely that clouds, like, say, slurpees.


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