verbal croquis

I made some belts

Posted in my work by verbalcroquis on April 1, 2009

Or belt-type things.






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  1. Mariana said,

    So original and beautifully made! I just read your great article on Fashion Incubator, because I’m about to start working as a freelance designer, and ir gave a lot og courage about it….so, Thanks a lot for your tips and advices!

  2. Deborah said,

    OMG, I love your belts. I, especially, love the last one with the black roses and chains. Love, love it, Zoeeeeee.

  3. color me dumbass… I looked at the first photo, and was like, “cute belt, but why did she label it “professional?”

  4. jay said,

    ive been visiting ur website and i just wanted to say that for a noobie fashion student, its great insight to read about wot goes on after college. =)

    one qs – i noticed you have a size 6 dummy up there in your pic. i already have a size 10 dummy at college.
    given the stage i’m at right now with studying fashion, i want to create more garments in my own time at home but wondered whether it’s better to start off with a size 6 dummy and cater for myself in my size, or buy a standard size 10 to make more ‘industry-like samples’, or buy an in-between – size 8 – which mom thinks given 1-2 years, i’ll grow into.
    once i’m more confident in my work, i do intend to sell the clothes also.

    i’d really like to hear ur opinion, thanks so much. =)

  5. The last piece is a beauty! Reminds me of the cut-outs by Alexander McQueen which I adore. This is like the romantic counterpart.

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