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Posted in personal,side projects by verbalcroquis on June 30, 2009

My photographer friend, Deborah Atalig, asked me to help her realize her concept of shooting a designer surrounded by all of her random work paraphanalia for her portfolio. At some point I randomly picked up a piece of yellow tulle and put it on my head as a joke and D fell in love with the idea, as you can tell from some of the other photos. These are my favorites from the shoot. (This is not what my studio looks like normally.) Click for larger images. To see more of Deborah’s work, check out her website. She also took the photos for my website,


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  1. Els said,

    Fantastic pictures.

  2. Wendy said,

    What wonderful shots.

  3. The yellow tulle is a nice touch. It adds a hint of surrealism to the clutter/art.

  4. Winona said,

    Oh my gosh these are gorgeous! Bravo to the photographer, the lovely and creative model, and the lively piece of tulle!

  5. KIRAFASHION said,

    love the pink here!

  6. daisy` said,

    yo where did you get that oversize drawing pad croiquis thingy? i love it

  7. The big drawing pads can be found at any art shore. The croquis? I drew all the sketches in these photos.

  8. Ann said,

    Great pics. pink color is awesome.

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