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I’m an Oscars Designer Challenge Finalist

Posted in general by verbalcroquis on February 17, 2011

To the 2 people left who still read my blog,

I just had the most surreal week of my life. Back in January, I entered the Oscars Designer Challenge. Then I became one of 9 finalists. Then I went to LA last Friday. On Saturday, we had fittings and meetings with jewelry people, on camera with Jay Manuel from ANTM. And then on Tuesday, there was a huge press conference with press from all over the world, and we presented our gowns. We were all interviewed. A lot. So many questions. So many flash bulbs. And then I came home. And then went on TV.

If you think my dress is hot, click here to vote for my dress to win! Winner gets their gown worn by one of the Oscar escorts onstage (and on camera) and 2 tickets to attend the Academy Awards themselves!


P.S. Someone pinch me.


5 Responses to 'I’m an Oscars Designer Challenge Finalist'

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  1. katyrenee said,

    Awesome!! What a beautiful design. Hope you win!

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. joi said,

    how are you not already so insanely famous that you’re too cool to be friends with me yet?

    i really dont understand it.

    i voted for you! good luck!!!

  4. OMG shut up, Joi! I will never ever be too anything to be friends with you!!!

  5. BTW, people can vote once a day every day until Feb 21st.

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