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baby jane robinson (2002)

This project is also an older project but one that I enjoyed immensely. It was a fun, silly little project I did at the end of school, when senioritis and the resulting delirium was at an all-time high. This was also a foray in loosening my line; my illustration style tends to be tight, controlled, and very detail oriented.

On the surface, this project is based on two different movies colliding: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane meets The Graduate. In my own twisted little head, I always thought that Mrs. Robinson would go insane after Katherine runs off with Ben (not that she was that mentally stable to begin with) and end up like Baby Jane Hudson.



On a different, not necessarily deeper, level, this project is about editorial styling vs. real clothes. People watch runway shows and wonder, who exactly is going to wear that in real life? What they don’t realize is that when you strip away the madness of the runway, good designers know how to create beautiful clothes in various levels of wearability.

I present to you the first group: Mrs. Robinson, pre-Ben. Classic, stylish, with touches of quirk. Fifties-inspired but not retro, clean but not bland. Creating such a minimalist first group was done with purpose, to accentuate the difference between this and the next group. Very Americana. All linen, different weights.

bjrfigs1 copy.jpg


Here is the second group: Baby Jane Hudson, after long hard years of playing nanny to her cripple sister. Look carefully and you’ll see that underneath the facepaint, curlers, oven mitts, bloomers and wellies, the clothes are exactly the same as in the first group. The styling, thick with movie references, tells a story, and I hope an amusing one. The clothes in and of themselves are gimmick-free, ladylike and classic.

bjrfigs2 copy.jpg


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  1. henri-v said,

    Yum to the pre-Ben Lady Robinson stuff!!! I want a red trench and blue cape!

    Zoe, you so talented. I love how put leg hair on the last look of the Baby Jane page. Heh heh.

  2. Susanna said,

    Ditto with Henri-V. Love the pre-Ben Mrs. Robinson, lurrrrrrrrrrve it.

    “50s inspired but not retro, clean but not bland.” That is a very fine line to walk, my dear, and you have done it nicely.

    What fabric would you do for the trench assuming it’s spring?

    The second look in the Mrs. R. series is like late-80s Thierry Mugler stewardess in First Class not actually working but there for the cocktails.”

    And the third look is all me. Please send. Size 6 (waist 27), 34″ inseam.

  3. Susanna said,

    duh, says LINEN

  4. silly lady. hahaha~

    thanks for the compliments, ladies.

  5. those are have style and elegance in your pen!

    It’s interesting how if you pay attention to detail you notice things you never would. That’s why i like the second picture.

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