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barbie (2003)

I interviewed with Mattel back in 2003 for a Barbie fashion designer position. They liked me and asked me to do a project for them. I had 2 days. So I locked myself up in my apartment, seeing or talking to no one but my roommate for those 2 days, working on this project. They offered me a job, but I turned them down because I got another offer I liked better. Nonetheless, I had a lot of fun working on this project.

They asked me to create a new Barbie. They were very open to interpretation. They gave me no real perameters within which to work, and no minimum number of sketches. So, of course in true Zoë fashion, I went all out.

I introduce to you, Pop Diva Barbie. Yes, the concept is not scandalously new. I didn't want it to be. I wanted it to be approachable, marketable, and fun, with my trademark tongue-in-cheek touches.

Comes with her own latte, public disguise and multiplatinum album.

And of course, the Skipper doll, as Kid Sister Lexi (one of my sisters made me name it after her):

Barbie's entourage also includes her personal assistant Executive Dana, with monogrammed this and that plus walkie-talkie, natch:

Personal Trainer Lara, with her own workout equipment and towel (notice she's still on tiptoe, even in sneakers, in true Barbie fashion):

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist Mimi, with temporary tattoos and a lint roller that really work:

Bodyguard Mike, with an umbrella for Barbie and a sandwich (is it just me or are those guys always eating in those paparazzi shots?):

And Cameraman Steve, who of course is paparazzo, but I felt it wouldn't be marketable to the demographic that way. (I did, however, pitch this as a SoftBody doll, which could fold up and fit in the trash can or behind the bush.):

Playsets include the Pop Diva Barbie Stage Set, with rotating disco ball, spotlights (a lightbulb under clear plastic holes), huge tv screens for the nosebleed seats, and working curtain:

The Pop Diva Barbie Dressing Room Set, complete with flowers from Ken's Replacement of the Week:

And of course, the real-size MakeUp Set:

If I had more time I would have liked to do some back-up dancers.  Oh well. 

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  1. ak said,

    this is wonderfuly executed, very creative and just adorable! great job 🙂

  2. […] Fashion supernova Verbal Croquis recently posted a project she did for Barbie which brings to mind my own entry for a contest sponsored by Barbie back in second year. […]

  3. barlow said,

    Nice site. Thank to work…

  4. paris nr1 said,

    in my language it meen:Man tas patīk.

  5. adrielly said,

    que barbie linda

  6. ^___^ said,

    looks nice!!

  7. barbie said,

    barbie du paris
    bonjour tous le monde moi je t aime boucoup barbie et je souhaite lui renconnetrer et merci bye

  8. kels said,

    hey nice outfit
    could u have a outfit for girl that is like mixed

  9. Débora Schiller said,

    that’s perfect!
    very cute and pink!
    i loved!
    i want for me!!!
    pink kisses


  10. stop119 said,

    cool :d

  11. Deh Schiller said,


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