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Posted in random notes by verbalcroquis on September 12, 2008

Welcome to the first, hot off the presses issue of “random notes”.

-So, I hear there is a brand new small volume vertically integrated factory opening up right here in Oakland! And spitting distance from my digs! *raises one eyebrow* I have pinged appropriate parties for more info so you will get it as I do!

-NYFW. Nothing I’ve seen so far has wowed me. Yes, I’m definitely a designer who can appreciate other people’s work. Just haven’t seen anything this season yet.  How ’bout you?

-I’ve been doing a lot of just plain hard thinking the past couple of weeks. Starting tonight, I’m gonna start some doing.

starting “random notes”

Posted in random notes by verbalcroquis on September 12, 2008

I don’t know if you readers have picked up on this yet, but I’m a rather random, rambly person.  Verbalizing linear thought is not my strong suit, although I’m capable of focusing on a single action for a long time.  That’s one of the reasons why this blog is called “verbal croquis” not “verbal marble sculptures”. Heh.

I’m starting a section of this blog called “random notes”.  They will be brief bits of what’s going on with me and hopefully intersperced with the meatier blog posts that have become my most popular.  Feel free to poke me a ping when my blog becomes too many snacks and not enough substance.  I might even *gasp* post something on F-I again! (No promises, so don’t faint yet, Kathleen!)