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fashion invades Teh Geekosphere ™

Posted in opinions,the geekerati by verbalcroquis on December 27, 2006

A friend emailed me this link today; Fashion met Tech and Tech decided that Fashion didn’t have enough rounded corners to play in the same Bubble.

Maybe it’s because I’m a blogging designer married to a card-carrying member of the geekerati, but you put Tech and Fashion in the same room and my brain won’t shut up.

The very idea of a fashion social networking engine like StyleDiary sparks a whole conversation about how the fashion industry has been affected by the internet and tech in general.

We have all observed the following:

1. The rise in interest in personal style over designer dictats, as shown in the popularity of blogs such as Facehunter, The Sartorialist, and Style Bubble. (C’mon, we all want to know what Susie’s going to wear next. Ironically, she first started off over at StyleDiary.)

2. How celebrities are losing their hold on their formerly-captive audience in regards to what to wear, as fashionistas (aka consumers) the world over are becoming increasingly cynical about professional stylists and paid endorsements. You can see blogs like Go Fug Yourself and Fashion.Verbatim. constantly talk trash about what idiot outfit a celebrity decided to leave their house in, as opposed to the idolatry of before. Fashionistas everywhere are sick of celebrities on magazine covers.

3. With eBay stores, Cafe Press, and other online shops, the speed of email, the rise in tech savvy even in our grandparents, and the growing library of online resources, it’s become increasingly easier to start new fashion companies. A new fashion line starts every time I open my feed reader, many because they can’t find anything in the market that is perfect for them, others because they think they can provide for a still underserved niche market, meaning there are more niche markets in fashion than Kate Moss has Vogue covers.

4. Everyone shopping vintage or scouring obscure online shops because they don’t want to wear what everyone else is wearing. How much did the fashion blogosphere crow over the Witherspoon/Dunst “vintage” Chanel red carpet debacle? This much.

Which will lead to:

1. Shifts in interest affecting how people spend their money, and ultimately how designers and fashion companies will have to change to cater to their markets’ new needs.

2. People’s spending patterns for clothes eventually bleeding into their methods on purchase decisions for other items and services.

3. Major changes in how the fashion industry conducts business because of a) tech speeding up communication via email, skype, IM, webcam, and cell phones b) the increase in competitors.

What’s my point? The world is moving more and more to individualism and we could never have done it without the internet.

Fashion has and will continue to impact Tech more than Tech thinks, and vice verse. Arrington missed the real story–YouTube StyleDiary does have low quality images, but that’s not why users are going there.

It’s not about these tags; it’s about these tags and their fall from grace.