verbal croquis

cone mills/todd oldham (2001)

I hate these illustrations. They were done at school during my junior year, and I like to think I’ve improved since then. I am posting this because I still think the designs are modern and relevant. This was my favorite project at school and if I were to produce a denim line, I’d clean these up and produce them. I had so much fun designing for this project, I ended up with almost 200 croquis and around 75 final sketches (about double the requirement).

The project was pitched by Cone Mills with Todd Oldham. Direction: take a denim jeans a place it’s never been before. Use beatnik references for styling. Re-invent the basic white t-shirt.


This is the one Todd Oldham and I chose to make for the fashion show. After graduation, I altered it a bit and I’ve worn it out a couple of times. The skirt is made of about 15 pairs of jeans, all donated by classmates; the fronts are in the front, the backs are in the back. There’s a hoopskirt underneath, with frayed tulle at the hem.

I love trench coats. I am forever redeveloping this classic. This one has a crazy quilt-type pattern bleached out as the “print”.

For some of the pieces, I started with the basic jean and just started turning it around the body.





Others I took the denim, sliced them into different width strips, and put them together using different stitches and seam methods creating an entirely new denim fabric.



dress1.jpg pants1.jpg


Leave constructive criticism if you wish. I highly encourage it, as always. Thanks.

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  1. NiCkkii said,

    I Like IT ,ur an Inspiration

  2. aL said,

    WoW! considering these are your “bad” sketches…which i personally think are fantastic!! u inspire me to up-the-anti with my projects.
    Thank you for posting your great work.

  3. AJ said,

    I think u are hot! would like to talk to about your future Mr..AJ 313-468-3012

  4. Mark Stein said,

    Do you have any high resolution images of your sketches that are available.

    I am working on a fashion project for my school and love your work however I would like higher res files if you have them.

    I may be able to pay you.

    Please get back to me ASAP


  5. mEDINAH said,

    You are extremely talented. You took denim to places that I never knew existed. Great Job!!

  6. […] is the new official name.) Only saw one leather guy. Ran into John at Solstiss, and he remembered my denim ball skirt from my junior year, six years ago! Surprising, since we barely knew each other when I was at […]

  7. HOLY GRAIL said,

    Looks like reincarnation!

  8. thanks for sharing cone mills/todd oldham (2001)

  9. Jacqueline Milligan said,

    Great construction ideas for unique clothing designs. Keep me in the loop, I am an avid resale shopper. You inspire me. Thanks

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