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warrior brides (2001)

Scene: Friend gets dumped by boy. Girlfriends rally and take her out on a girls' night out. We pick a new club to try out. Big mistake. It's Meat Market Central ™. Oy. Dumped friend goes on drunken tirade.

"Are you seeing these girls? These desperate girls? Trying to trap themselves a man? Their biological clocks are ticking so loud I can barely hear the music. This is so pathetic. Why are we here? If I wanted to watch a bunch of drunken hoochies throwing themselves on the closest male, trying to lure them into whatever ploy they have going, I could watch a video at home. I could be in sweatpants and the booze wouldn't be watered down."

I was so amused by this tirade that I scribbled a little group together called Warrior Brides. I had in mind Amazonian goddesses traveling overseas to trap themselves some unsuspecting men. The brides are the ground forces and the bridesmaids would attack by sea. You know, surround them from both sides.

White leather wedding gowns (washed lamb), with some "camouflage" handpainted leather leaves appliqued on strategically. Blue and bleached denim, torn into strips and twisted and sewn back together for the bridesmaids dresses, to resemble ocean waves, with matching silver chainmail. 

Technically, the flats are best I've ever done, because I've shown all views, with the irregular seams matching perfectly, but this is more for my own personal amusement than anything else. Enjoy. All outfits come complete with weapons and matching helmets and armor.

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  1. maria joy said,


  2. Cat said,

    O Gawd! That is just awesome. Totally breaks out of the typical white gown and when I look at it longer I actually do think the folds and stuff look exactly like an armor. Fabric armor but still great protection. The pose is very pinup but they still look very feminist. Its just totally great!

  3. Danielle said,

    these are just wild! I don’t remember seeing these before.

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