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You can contact me by popping an email to verbalcroquis at gmail dot com.

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  1. Scott said,

    thanks for your kind comments about my blog, i an impressed by words also, it has a little edge.

  2. Scott said,

    I meant to say impressed by “yours” also, I gotta stop drinking and typing.

  3. Greg Jessen said,

    Would like to speak with you about an opportunity I am trying to fill for a Product Developer / Designer. Please call my office at 602-485-5555. Thank you.

    Greg Jessen
    Director of Recruiting Services

  4. Assuming I have room, I’d like to quote you in an article on Project Runway and need to know your real name. Please email me at Thanks.
    Virginia Postrel

  5. Kelly said,

    New fashion blog site and designer. If you list us on your associates list we can list you on our fashion blog list. Please email us with your decision.

    Thank you

  6. Anastasia said,

    I would just like to thank you for putting together this website. I found it very encouraging and meaningful to my current situation in life. I was feeling low last night, when I stumbled onto your website and it really gave me hope again.

    I am a Canadian citizen living in the USA, wanting to get my life together. I have been trying to decide on a career path for the last 5 – 6 years of my life. I have been struggling with the option of going into Fashion Design/Costume design, or going to school for 7 years to become a Pharmacist. I am already 23 years old, and the last place I want to be, is in school for another 7 years. My passion truly is fashion, and I am very creative at it. Although, I am reluctant to follow this dream, because of the level of risk involved in this field. I would like to know that my future is secure, and that I won’t end up in poverty like my mother who pursued Fashion.

    I have little to no interest in Pharmacy but I realize I will be guaranteed to make a great living in this area. In addition, I could relocate anywhere, and have no trouble finding employment. Whereas, if I pursue Fashion, I will likely be tied to Los Angeles (my current city of residence), if I want a chance at a decent pay check.

    So my question/inquiry for you is, can you please tell me what its like in the real world being a Fashion designer? If you don’t mind, what was your salary like right out of school? How much has it improved since then? Is the industry very competitive? How difficult is it to find a job?

    I was really moved by your work with Bob Mackie. The yellow, Mexican dress is stunning. Bob Mackie is the most influential person in the Fashion industry to me. His style is so extraordinary. He lives in a realm of fantasy of his own invention. I would love to live in financial freedom while using my creative power to its fullest potential, just as Bob Mackie does. But, I realize very few people get to have this luxury.

    Anyhoo, any information you can give me about the real life of a Fashion Designer would really help me make this final decision in my life. I have been accepted into FIDM in Los Angeles, but do not know if I should go there, or whether I should pursue a career in science. Please advise. I want to make the smartest decision for my future, while avoiding potential regret. I would appreciate any advice you can offer me.

  7. heather said,

    where can i find more sketches?

  8. Anastasia–I’m no expert. This whole blog is about what’s is really like as a working designer. Feel free to peruse the archives.

    Heather–This is it. Whatever I have uploaded in the Pages column of this blog includes all the sketches I care to show people.

  9. Frances said,

    Hi, i love all your work and i think its fantastic. Im in year 10 at a school in Kent, England and im doing my GCSE’s at the moment. Im studying textiles and we have been asked to research a fashion designer. I was wondering if you would send me some photos of your work so i can produce a sheet on what you’ve done as it is very inspiring.
    Please e-mail me back or something.
    Good luck

  10. Love your insite on the biz! Great work.

  11. Dante M. Satterthwaite Jr. said,

    Hello ,my name is Dante, I’m trying to finish my fashion degree in San Francisco , saw your web-site and felt I could be the best person for the job. I’m a 32 year old designer looking for work, will work hard for the profect team. I’m from Philadelphia Pa. and still live there, but willing to change for the right job and good money. please contact A.S.A.P. at

  12. abbie said,

    hya i’m 18 an iam currently studying A level art and design which is the highest level course,NVQ dress making and so to be on going a foudation fashion degree. I want to be come a freelance designer or own my owm shop and would really a appreciate it you could answer my questions which will help me with my course.

    How did you set up your bussiness?
    Have you had any major financial problems within your bussiness?
    What qualifications do you have?
    do you have creative any tips that wiould help me on my course?
    Do you have any advice of what subjects i should study?

    if possible could you send my some pics of your work to put n my file please.


  13. Hello Abbie,

    I don’t have my own business and no, I will not send you any pics.


  14. Alison H. said,

    I have a business idea and am looking for a designer to work with. How would I go about finding someone?

    Thanks. AH

  15. Hi Alison,

    I would think posting on craigslist or the such would probably be your best option.

  16. Jessica said,

    We are devoted fans to your blog, and we wanted to provide you with a link to ours. Check it out, if you haven’t already. We’d love to link to your site, if you link to ours. Keep us posted–thanks!



  17. sheila said,

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  18. Casey said,


    I am a wannabe fashion somebody, and I stumbled across your blog from a search engine. I’ve been checking out your amazing designs, and I just felt compelled to tell you that you are an inspiration! Your awesome talent and humility is a hard combo to find in the fashion world and you have reinstated my hope that not all “fashion people” are pretentious bloodsuckers. Keep it up!

  19. Andrea said,

    I stumbled upon your website doing a project on fashion design in class-
    all of your work is so inspiring- from the actual designs to those tongue in cheek touches (That barbie project was hilarious~) .
    I’m attending Otis college of art and design in the fall next year after I graduate high school. You probably get asked this a lot, but are there any tips you can give a fashion wannabe/incoming student?

  20. Rebecca said,

    I just wanted to let you know that your designs are great.
    I am doing a portfolio and just looking for some design inspiration and your work is truly amazing. I will be looking forward to more of your designs, it’s a pleasure to look at them.

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  23. Kathy said,


    Do you mind if I link to your website?



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  25. news said,

    Awesome post . Cheers for, commenting on this blog dude. I will email you soon! I didnt realise that!

  26. I really disagree! I still am keeps happening time and time again in todays day and age. I was relieved I was not jogging. The gaffers have pondered what will happen to this. Lets watch closely what is going on and what the future lies.

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