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trucker girls (2002)

This is more of a concept piece. I'm not a fan of concept pieces, but I always considered this project as a bookmark for a better thought out design group. I just fell in love with these two old farts I saw in a trucking magazine and photoshopped the image for a vintage feel. (You find inspiration in the most random places.)


I always love doing eveningwear, and I especially love doing nontraditional eveningwear. So based on these guys, I stapled together this plaid:


and came up with this: (click for bigger image)

The clusters of silver are supposed to be metal shank buttons, sewn onto the fabric like redneck beading.  This was inspired by all the tire rims hanging on the walls of the shack in the image above. 

The idea for the group was based on a trucker's roadtrip. Each outfit epitomizes the mood of a particular city. The parka evening dress based on Ketchikan, Alaska, the can-can dress based on New Orleans, and so forth. I can't wait until life slows down enough to develop this group.

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  1. karinova said,

    I… love you.

    When I saw that Amazon warrior brides collection, I thought I loved you.
    But now I’m sure.

  2. Cat said,

    neat plaid evening wear. I love the metal shack idea. It looks great on the evening gown.

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