verbal croquis

the anti-doily (2007)

Fabrics: black leather, charcoal woolen, black denim, red satin, grey babyrib, white jersey.

More details and fabric/storyboard coming soon.

I always try to tackle something new with each project. This time, I focused on:

  1. Clothes that are less “experimental”, and more “wearable” than I usually do.
  2. As I (and the rest of the world) think that eveningwear is my forte, I definitely wanted to work on day clothes.
  3. I wanted to do black leather in the least S&M way possible. (The black leather are the ruffled drapey pieces. The hard-edge jacket silhouettes are done in black denim and charcoal woolen with lots of hardware.)
  4. Interesting layering, proportions.

Of course, there are always elements that are just part of my “style”:

  1. Menswear elements.
  2. A dance of masculine and feminine without veering into androgyny.
  3. My love for mixing textures.
  4. My tailoring leans towards a square, strong, but non-Crawfordesque shoulder.
  5. My “muse” has always had a bit of an attitude problem.

This project, of course, reflects my ideas for Fall 2007:

  1. No more freakin’ doilies. Minis do not need to equal to Lolitaesque tarts, women do not need to dress as little girls, not even the young ones, and there has been enough white cotton lace on the runways to choke a cow.
  2. Seasonless dressing. Who actually has a completely separate winter wardrobe anymore? I think it’s more modern and sexy to wear good undergarments and several interesting layers than pulling on a sleeping bag with sleeves big huge coat. This also leads to more personalized outfits, which is the biggest trend in dressing, as opposed to wearing exactly according to outmoded designer dictats.
  3. I’m totally loving red right now, a soft red, with a touch of yellow and brown, not scarlet or anything blue-based.
  4. Lean silhouettes, lean, square, narrow, not to be confused with “skinny”.

Initial inspiration? My brain went this way: back to basics–too boring–let’s make it not boring–not basics, the building blocks for a wardrobe–blocks–kiddie toys–circles, squares, and triangles–angles–corners–“rounded corners” (it’s a Web 2.0 geekerati joke made at the house often)–ooh, my red couch is so rectangular, with rounded corners–I’m totally digging this red–of course, I picked it out, duh–and that’s pretty much when I started sketching.

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  1. […] the anti-doily (2007) […]

  2. SIMON said,

    You are very talented. You must not be looking too hard for work, as talent like this is quite marketable. Word is not out Zoe is looking for work.Here at the blog yes, but in the field you need to spread the word.

    Hey, I like your idea of previewing your work, sort of like an online resume teaser.

  3. Danielle said,

    Simon, give Zoe a break, she’s hard enough on herself! Look at all the work she put into this piece and all of her portfolio. There’s always a lot going on behind the blog that she can’t share – believe me Zoe is not the slacking off type.

    Finding a job takes time. The interview process for a single company can stretch into weeks. Zoe is not the only talented designer competing for design work in SF. Sharing details of a job hunt on the internet is not a wise idea. Zoe’s smart – she’ll announce her next direction when the time is right.

  4. […] out the new addition to Verbal Croquis’ Portfolio. This is what she calls boring… as if! Love the hard-edged jackets and the drapey tops. Pure […]

  5. Susie Yang said,

    Once more you prove you are a masochist and trump us all with your endless talent! Some of my faves are the halter tunic top with flowy body (very modern) and pea coat with cute button detail…please start on these asap I wear a size 4…okay I’m only HALF kidding……
    But on a serious note, although I like the red/white/grey/blk colorblocking detail, I’m not sure if it needs to be on all the pieces. I love it on unexpected pieces like the long coat and the button up tailored shirt. The soft raw edge ruffles out of leather are ingenious, perhaps even softer and more wrinkly-looking rather than pleated. Still, even though this is the LEAST evening you’ve gone thus far, I would be interested in seeing how you would enterpret something as average-joe as say….white t-shirt and unwashed blue jeans……..a challenge grasshoppa??

  6. Rebecca said,

    I’m not an expert, just a woman who gets dressed everyday. My comment? NOT BORING!!! It looks great. Very wearable colors, shapes, and fabrics.

    (I wonder what I would look like in glasses like that … )

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Diane said,

    Well wouldn’t you know “boring” like it or not is what this fall is about!
    I think we need our basics. Your coats and jackets are phenomenal! i love the black leather. and it’s not S&M. I like the pieces even better without the color layers.

  8. Marie said,

    Zoe, I think you are immensely talented but I also know you like honest critiques so here I go:
    I too like the collection without color blocking. It seems dated to me. Contributing factors might be the model’s glasses (frame shape) and the color combination.
    The shorter red peacoat is georgeous (I like the line of the jacket front and the button/buttonhole placement, etc.)
    When I look at the flats, everything looks exceptional which again, makes me think that the issue that I have with the collection has to do with the styling (colors, hair, and accessories).

    Hope this helps at least a teeny bit??!!!

  9. Laurie said,

    nice work Zoe…sharp!
    sorry you missed the wedding . I sat with your husband. You did good, with an Israeli!! [:)]
    Hope you’re feeling better now….

  10. joy said,

    great pleats, as i imagine them to be, the collection is cohesive and not a bit S&M.
    now for the big outlet buyers, right?

  11. Darius Pesch said,

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