verbal croquis

experiments in imagemaking (2006)



As you know, I’m a fashion designer, not a photographer, but I feel that honing one’s styling and imagemaking skills is important as well.  So, I grabbed my fabulous burlesque-performing, sometime-modeling hottie friend M and had some photoshoots together.  Click the links below to check out the results.  The ones at top is from our first session. Click the link to see more from the first session.

These are from our second session.  Click to see more from this session.



These are from our third.  Click to see more from this session.

dress1a.jpg dress2a.jpg

And M and I have are planning more shoots so this page will be updated as the shoots happen.

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  1. Susie said,

    The top one with the cigarette is HOT…this look is awesome. Hot mess geisha…

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