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Posted in events by verbalcroquis on April 18, 2006

I was going to write a thoughtful post on freelancing today, but I'm just too excited about going to New York.  I've never been, and Assaf and I are taking this opportunity to celebrate our 2 year anniversary by staying there for a week!  I'm going nuts looking up airfare and hotels online.  I'm kinda hungry but too antsy to eat much.  

If you're one of the New York fashion bloggers and want to do coffee or something all together, please email me at verbalcroquis at gmail dot com.  (I will also be emailing y'all soon, after I've calmed down, but I'm not sure I have all your email addresses.) 


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  1. Rebecca said,

    Congratulations! And I hope you are planning a thoughtful post about all the things you will be wearing while in New York.:)

    Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Oy, I have NO IDEA what I’m going to wear in New York, especially the Big Event. Gah.

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